April 27, 2021

Bilateral meeting between the Chamber of Commerce of Congo-Brazzaville and Namibia.

The Brazzaville and Namibia Chambers of Commerce have held a bilateral meeting to study and analyze the mechanisms for importing zebu meat from Windhoek and marketing it in the Republic of Congo. This event took place in the magna hall of the Brazzaville Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in the presence of the Counselor-Charge d’Affaires of the diplomatic mission of Equatorial Guinea Hermenegildo Madiba Bolopa. The ceremony began with the intonation of the national anthems of both countries, followed by the anthem of the African Union, after hearing the motion of the Vice-President of the Brazzaville Chamber of Commerce Dr Jean-Galessany Ibombot wishing the Namibian delegation a pleasant Estacia in the city of Brazza. For his part, the representative of the delegation, the ambassador of Namibia accredited in Congo -Brazzaville Sipapela Cletuis Sipapela has presented to the businessmen the project that the Cebu Meat Processing company wants to implement, consisting of importing processed meat from Namibia and sold in the Central African subregion, with Congo Brazzaville as the focal point. The Namibian Zebu Meat Processing company is recognized worldwide for the quality of products it offers to customers and for taking advantage of the African Continental Free Trade agreement, to create the largest single market for products and services in the world, Meatco has planned to start its activities in the Republic of Congo. During these rounds of meetings, several agreements will be signed between the two Chambers of Commerce, for the implementation of this innovative project for the businessmen of Brazzaville.

Embassy of the Republic of Ecuatorial Guinea in Congo Brazzaville