March 13, 2021

Book of condolences for the explosions at the Nkoatoma military barracks.

The Diplomatic Mission of Equatorial Guinea in the Republic of Congo, has opened a book of Condolences in the Foreign Ministry, for those who want to show solidarity with the people and the government of Equatorial Guinea for the explosions registered on March 7, 2021 in the Military Barracks of Nkoantoma in the city of Bata, leaving around 106 people dead, numerous injuries and extensive material damage. All devastated by the incident last Sunday in the city of Bata, an event never recorded in the history of Equatorial Guinea has caused panic and anguish to the Equatorial Guinean people, due to the great devastating impacts of the incident, the government has taken all the necessary measures, to help the victims as well as repair the damage caused. It is in this sense that several national authorities and heads of diplomatic missions, international and sub-regional organizations show solidarity with the Equatorial Guinean diplomatic authorities in Congo Brazzaville for this ferocious incident, stamping their signature on the book of condolences enabled by the Foreign Ministry for this purpose. . There are several who have signed in solidarity signed in the book of condolences being received by the first Secretary Eulogio Kung Okue Andeme we stand out among them; the ambassador of the Russian Federation, Namibia, the representative of the WHO in Congo-Brazzaville, all united in sorrow, express their highest condolences to both the afflicted families and the government for this incident that has left a balance of around 106 people dead , numerous injuries and considerable material damage.

Embassy of the Republic of Ecuatorial Guinea in Congo Brazzaville