May 17, 2021

The new Congolese government is made up of 36 ministers.

Four ministers of state, thirty ministers and two delegated ministers, the new government of the Congo was made public on May 15, on national television by Florent Ntsiba, minister of state and director of the cabinet of the president of the Republic. Some positions of the old team have been preserved, such as Firmin Ayessa, Alphonse Claude Nsilou, Pierre Oba and Pierre Mabiala, all appointed Ministers of State. Jean Jacques Bouya Bouya as Jean Claude Gakosso, Ingrid Ebouka Babakas, Thierry Moungalla keep their positions. Roger Rigobert Andely is back as Nefer Ingani while Denis Christel Sassou NGuesso, Irène Mboukou and Honoré Nsayi, president of the parliamentary group of the Pan-African Union for Social Democracy enter the government. The holders are, among others, Hendi Djombo, Gilbert Ondongo, Adelaide Mougani, Antoinette Dinga Dzondo. Prime Minister Anatole Collinet Makosso and his team should get to work without delay. Source: Press Attaché of the Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in Congo Brazzaville.

Embassy of the Republic of Ecuatorial Guinea in Congo Brazzaville