April 7, 2021

Interim report of observers from the African group during the presidential elections on March 21.

The group of African Ambassadors accredited to the Republic of Congo, who acted as observers in the presidential elections of March 21, 2021, have presented their interim report to the authorities of the Foreign Ministry on the development of these elections. The event was chaired by the Minister Jean-Cloude Gakosso. The presidential elections of March 21 passed in perfect conditions, which shows the political maturity of the people and the Congolese government has indicated the Senegalese diplomat Batoura Kane Niang, in addition to congratulating the independent national electoral commission for the excellent work done, He has also pointed out some aspects to improve, such as access in the public communication media. The group of African Ambassadors has also presented their willingness to get involved in the activities of the vaccination campaign against Sars-coV-2 that is currently taking place throughout the national territory. For this, the African diplomats accredited in Congo-Brazzaville have been interested in the vaccination program in order to know the vaccination shift for diplomatic missions, international and subregional organizations. Correspondingly, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Claude Gakosso congratulated the group of African ambassadors who acted as observers during the presidential elections on March 21. However, we are waiting for the Constitutional Court to rule on this matter since some political leaders have presented appeals to challenge the elections. Regarding vaccination against COVID-19, the Congolese government member has indicated that there are vaccines for everyone, so if it does not arrive up to date in the diplomatic missions, the guardian department has a plan drawn up to vaccinate the entire population with priority to the elderly. In addition to stating that vaccination against Sars-coV-2 is voluntary and the choice of the vaccine is a matter for each individual, and the Congolese government currently has two vaccines: Sputnik V from Russia and Sinopharm from China.

Embassy of the Republic of Ecuatorial Guinea in Congo Brazzaville