June 11, 2021

Message of condolence for the death of Pedro NDONG OBIANG.

The Counselor in Charge of Affaires in Congo Brazzaville has sent a message of condolence due to the death of the Counselor to the Presidency of the Republic on Presidential Security, Pedro Ndong Obiang. We reproduce the full content of the message in this news. His Excellency Sir, Aware of the sudden death of someone who was called Mr. Pedro Ndong Obiang, Counselor to the Presidency of the Republic in matters of Presidential Security. All the staff of this diplomatic mission of Equatorial Guinea in Congo-Brazzaville join me in expressing to Your Excellency and through you, to the entire grieving family, our deepest condolences for this irreparable loss. We raise our prayers to the Almighty Lord so that he may take you into his bosom and rest in peace. Brazzaville, May 10, 2021 For a Better Guinea, The Counselor in Charge of Business ai ”. Source: Press Attaché of the Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in Congo Brazzaville.

Embassy of the Republic of Ecuatorial Guinea in Congo Brazzaville